About Me

  Welcome to my blog - I'm so happy that you're here 😊 My name is Allie and I'm 26 years old from Chicago, IL. I graduated from The University of Iowa in 2014  where I majored in Finance. During my time at Iowa, I was a member of the Tri Delta sorority. I also was a Weekly Columnist for 'The Odyssey' - a newspaper for fraternities and sororities on campus. I have always enjoyed writing and was lucky to be given the opportunity to be a part of The Odyssey where I got to do just that.

I started this blog back in 2015 with no real knowledge or direction with where I wanted this to go. All I knew was that I missed the creative outlet I had  back in college. I only ended up posting a couple times after I started this blog before I kind of got bored and forgot about it. It wasn't until about a year ago where I got really into blogging. Not blogging myself, but following other bloggers. There are a handful of bloggers who I follow religiously - legit, like check their page every morning. I decided to give my own blog another chance.

I love shopping (and finding a good sale), cooking (or attempting to), traveling, interior design/decorating, DIY projects, organization (although you might not guess it from the state of my room at times), Pinterest, wine, and my cat Ollie. I plan incorporating a little bit of everything listed into this blog :)

Why 'Champagne Tuesdays'? I love champagne and I hate Tuesdays. I think it is important to embrace all that life has to offer - both good and bad. 
Thanks for stopping by!