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    Brief Introduction of SinoMaps Press
    SinoMaps Press is a public institution under the direct jurisdiction of the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping. Being the only national map publisher, the Press boasts the most diversified, the largest market share and the widest distribution of publication in China. In 1997, approved by the authority concerned, SinoMaps Press and Surveying & Mapping Press merged into one publishing house-the present SinoMaps Press. Since its founding in 1954, SinoMaps Press has always been persisting in the correct publishing guideline to provide authoritative, up-to-date and high quality map products for the economic construction, education, national defense, foreign affairs and people's daily life.

    Business Range
    By adhering to the principle of supplying the market and serving the readers, SinoMaps Press has established a coordinated production structure that features series publication, with reference maps as the highlight and school maps and other textbooks as the mainstay, covering journals, books on surveying and mapping, electronic maps and special maps.
    Reference maps£şMap products covering China and the world, including maps and atlases of administrative divisions, relief, transportation, tourism, living, and business.
    School maps and atlases, textbooks: Various atlases, textbooks on geography, history, social life, information technology, biology, and teaching reference materials for schools.
    Periodicals and magazines: Periodical on Geodesy and Cartography, Journal on Surveying and Mapping, and "Maps" magazine.
    Books on surveying and mapping: Professional and academic works, textbooks for higher learning, as well as popular scientific readings on surveying and mapping.
    Electronic maps: Various kinds of electronic maps, multimedia publications and vehicle navigation Maps.
    Special maps: Globes, 3D relief models, and maps on various non-paper materials.

    Business Range
    Books on surveying and mapping.jpg
    Electronic maps.jpg
    surveying and mapping
    Electronic maps
    Periodicals and magazines.jpg
    Reference maps.jpg
    Periodicals and magazines
    Reference maps
    School maps and atlases, textbooks.jpg
    School maps and atlases, textbooks

    International Exchange and Cooperation
    Since the reform and opening to the outside world, SinoMaps Press has been extending its global and regional communication and cooperatin, actively participating in international academic exchanges on cartography, attending book fairs held all over the world, establishing business relations with decades of publishers in Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States and Hong Kong, and making efforts to develop the cooperation on international copyright trade.
    Exhibition stands in the Beijing International Book Fair(BIBF), Frankfurt Book Fair(FBF), Book Expo America (BEA),etc. And has organized the International Map Exhibition of the 20th Conference of ICA.

    International Exchange and Cooperation
    Delegates to.jpg
    Exhibition stands.jpg
    Organizing the International .jpg
    Delegates to the Frankfurt Book Fair
    Exhibition stands in the Beijing International Book Fair
    Organizing the International Map Exhibition of the 20th Conference of ICA

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