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    The Atlas of Distribution of National Minorities in China is the first atlas that marks the distribution of national minorities in China in an overall, accurate, detailed and scientific manner. It is the research results of the author with abundant first-hand materials collected by the author through survey and investigation for many times in grass-root areas inhabited by national minorities. The survey covered township-level administrative units, resulting in unprecedented accuracy.
    The Atlas contains distribution maps for each of the 55 national minorities, marks the accurate location of each of the national minorities, introduces in detail the autonomous regions of all national minorities in China and highlights China¡¯s policies on national minorities.
    In addition to location introduction, the atlas also offers basic information about national minorities, such as population, language and characters, environment and resources, ethnic origin and history, culture and arts, folk customs and religion, etc. Surrounding the main pictures of each of the national minorities are a total of 310 photos and drawings that reflect their image, clothing and apparel, production and daily life. They make the atlas more readable.
    The Atlas of Distribution of National Minorities in China is the winner of First-Grade Award of the 6th China National Minorities Book Award jointly organized by the General Administration of Press and Publication and the State Ethnic Affairs Commission of the People¡¯s Republic of China. Therefore, the atlas is not only a fundamental research topic of the Chinese Academy of Social Science, but also of important academic value and far-reaching actual meaning.

    Language: Chinese/English
    Format: 210 ¡Á 297 mm
    Pages: 352
    Colour: Full colour
    Publisher: SinoMaps Press
    ISBN 7-5031-3001-6

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