November 15, 2019 is a day I'll never forget 💕 It's the day WE GOT ENGAGED!! It was such a fun, special, and amazing weekend and I wanted to share the proposal story. I've never posted very much about my relationship on my blog so I thought it would be fun to share not only how Matt proposed but how we met as well!

IOWA CITY, 2013 

The exact date we met is hard to identify.... not only because most memories in Iowa City were a little hazy (Go Hawks!), but because there were a few events leading up to the day we actually met. 
Matt's sister (and my future sister in law!!) was actually my 'sister' years ago: my sorority sister! The University of Iowa may be a large school but the tight knit social circles, especially within Greek Life, made it feel a lot smaller so I knew who Matt was although we had never officially met. When Alyssa and I were both living in the Tri Delt house, Alyssa would frequently go for lunch dates with her brother, which I always thought was so sweet. I would (not so jokingly) tease Alyssa and tell her I thought her brother was cute and that one day I would crash one of their lunch dates. If we only knew one day we would be getting MARRIED.

Around the same time, my "big" in my sorority was dating Matt's friend so she'd see him pretty frequently. One night, I got a text from my big saying Matt thought I was cute and that we should hang out sometime. It was at this point numbers were exchanged and the texting began. It seems like we were destined to meet one way or another.....

We officially met in person at the beloved Iowa City bar, DC's, one night where we talked, laughed, and took tequila shots before we bar hopped the rest of the night. The night came to an abrupt halt when we were sitting in Tini's Beer Garden (IYKYK) when Iowa City police officers entered the bar and started asking everyone for their ID's to make sure everyone was of age. I was not. When the police officer got to our table and asked for my ID, the liquid courage version of myself thought it would be a good idea to hand him my fake ID. A very bad fake ID, might I add (sorry, mom). The officer also knew it was a bad ID but entertained me anyways. Our conversation went as follows:

Officer: How tall are you?
Allie: 5'5"
Officer: Try again.
Allie: 5'4??
O: Try Again
A: 5'6??
O: *takes my ID, looks at Matt* Take her home
Matt: *excitedly* Yes, sir! 

I got EXTREMELY LUCKY 😅 Anyyyyyyways. Matt and I spent the next several months 'talking', i.e. Matt trying to win me over 😜 Initially, I wasn't convinced. It wasn't until winter break when we were apart for a month that I realized how much I really liked him and wanted to make it official. We started officially dating in February of 2014 and have been inseparable ever since. Six years later....we're planning our wedding! 💓

DOOR COUNTY, WI. 11/15/2019
Door County is a special place for Matt and his entire family. It quickly became a special place for both of us together as we would spend as much time as possible up there during the summers. 
We have so many fun memories together up there over the last six years, including spending time with family, lots of boating, exploring the towns, eating our way through all the best restaurants, and late nights at Husby's. On the weekend of November 15th, Matt and I along with our friends (& wedding party members!) Bill & Michelle, and Matt's family went up to Door County for a little Fall weekend getaway.

Since we didn't have anything planned (or so I thought) on Friday, I thought it would be fun to go bowling at Sister Bay Bowl with Bill and Michelle.

After a couple games of bowling, Matt tells us that his brothers key fob wasn't working and asked if Matt could get the spare from the house and bring it to him at the Peninsula State Park, where he was 'going on a walk with his girlfriend'. When the four of us get back to the house, Bill and Michelle said they'll hang back at the house instead of going to the State Park. I figured I would do the same, as I wanted to keep the White Claw train going. Matt quickly shuts this idea down and says I'm coming with him. "Ugh, fine", I thought as I reluctantly agreed.
As we're driving through the Park, we see Mike's car and we both get out. The next thing I know Matt takes my hand and leads me down a path of rose petals and sparkly lights leading our way to the Eagle Panorama - the spot in the State Park that opens up and overlooks the lake. It was absolutely beautiful. Fun fact: this is one of Matt's favorite parts of Door County and the very spot has been his background photo on his laptop for years! At some point in the madness, I realize that Matt's whole family is there, peeking out behind the trees and bushes taking photos and capturing the special moment. At that point, Matt gets down on one knee and pulls out the most beautiful ring and asks me to spend forever with him. I couldn't say YES fast enough!! After hugs, more pictures, and champagne we headed back to the house where the surprise continued because Bill and Michelle had decorated the house - complete with signs, gifts, and pictures of us throughout the years. It was the most beautiful and perfect proposal and we spent the whole weekend celebrating!

Hope you liked getting to know a little bit more about our story!


  1. Oh my goodness, this is so sweet! Also, those sunset pictures are unreal!

    xo Logan

  2. that is so sweet. so happy to both of you. you look great together.

    INSTAGRAM: @julieann_lozada

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