We're 9 days down in Dry January, people. So far so good for me*, although I would be lying if I didn't admit there have been times I've caught myself longingly looked at all the beautiful, full, and delicious wine bottles teasing me from my wine cabinet. Dry January has meant less socialization and more staying in ๐Ÿ˜… ...which honestly, the introvert in me is not mad about. Keep reading to see all the stuff keeping me cozy this month.

  1. Barefoot dreams robe - I got this for Christmas and I am IN. LOVE. I want to wear this to sleep. I want to wear this to work. I want to wear this while I take the dog out. You get my point. It's so soft that I imagine this is what being hugged by a cloud feels like.
  2. Velvet Pillow - You haven't felt luxury lounging until you're chillin' in your Barefoot Dreams robe resting on a velvet pillow. Added bonus that these look so chic in any space.
  3. Ugg Slippers. On sale!! I got these for Christmas and they're definitely one of my favorite gifts. So cozy and soft. Honestly, Ugg 4ever. There's no comfier lounging shoe.
  4. Aromatherapy Diffuser. Mix together some lavendar + eucalyptus in this diffuser to make your home smell so dang cozy.
  5. Pillow Mist. This may be next level extra, but I found a bottle of pillow mist at Home Goods once and it has been one of my favorite purchases ever. The chamomile and lavender essential oils instantly boost relaxation.
  6. Mini Waffle Maker. Under $10 and works so well!!Treat yourself with some homemade mini waffles on your night in (so many easy & yummy recipes on Pinterest). My sister got this for Christmas the other year and I was jealous and wanted one so I bought one for myself. It actually works so well and it comes in a few different colors.
  7. Barefoot Dreams Blanket. This one's on sale!! I also got a Barefoot Dreams blanket for Christmas - I wanted one for so long but couldn't justify getting one for myself. These are seriously the best blankets ever.
  8. Satin Pajama Set. Nothing makes me feel more put together than a matching pajama set. And how cuuuute is this one? Comes in a few different colors!
  9. Record Player. The coziness of music played on a record player juts hits different. Not to mention it will instantly elevate the coolness of your home decor.
  10. Capri Blue candle. These are one of my favorite candles - they smell AMAZING and I love the simple and chic branding. I love a good Bath & Body Works candle but I wish the labels weren't as busy ๐Ÿ˜–
  11. Cooling Eye Mask. Under eye masks have quickly become my favorite over any other sheet mask. These types of eye masks really de-puff my eyes and are so cooling & calming. Highly recommend these ones!
  12. Coffee Mug. This is my favvvv style coffee mug. The double wall keeps drinks colder or warmer longer and they look cute for an insta post too ๐Ÿ˜‰Definitely adding to our registry.
  13. Bralette. Only Satan himself would keep his bra on when he's trying to get cozy but some of us have girls that are a little too big to be swinging free, even at home. A cute lil bralette keeps things cozy while keeping everything in place.
  14. New (WATERPROOF) Kindle. Now you can cozy up in the tub with your kindle on your new bathtub tray (see #16) without worrying about your kindle accidentally taking a dip. Honestly, this is more of a concern when wine is involved but still - a good safety function to have.
  15. Men's Champion Sweatpants. Did you know that there are so many expensive brands that use Champion sweatpants and just add their logo and charge an obscene amount? No one's got time for that BS. Get yourself a pair of MEN's Champion Sweats (men's is key - the oversized fit is so much cozier) and thank me later.
  16. Bathtub Tray. This is not a drill, guys. I found a bathtub tray that has a book AND wine holder. Obvi would not be using the wine holder during January but I think it would see A LOT of use in all other months. *adds to cart*
  17. Chill Pill Bath  Bombs. This might be just the chill pill I need to get me through this long sober month. These jasmine and rose scented bath bombs are infused with oils to moisturize and sooth skin. Quai never disappoints.
  18. Oversized Sherpa Pullover. Sherpa pullovers are so soft & cozy with the material and the oversized fit but they're also cute so you don't look like a total slob when you're lounging. Bonus points.
  19. Sloth Tea Infuser. How freakin cuuuuute is this little guy?! Comes in a few different animals, too :)
Let Dry January commence. May the odds be ever in your favor & stay cozy, friends.

* I am giving an exception to Dry January next weekend due to prior engagements I cannot and do not want to be sober for :)


  1. These are such great cozy picks! I love that velvet pillow and the blue candel! And the mini waffle maker sounds amazing!
    Julia x

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