I've been pretty MIA on the blog recently because I've been a little stressed (but super excited!) about my upcoming trip. The outfits, the activities, the packing, etc has consumed my mind for the last couple of weeks. I'm headed to Spain on THURSDAY and I'm sooo excited and actually feel very prepared packing wise! Keep reading for a complete & broken down list of carry on essentials for international flights. 

Tip on bag: I highly recommend using a good 'ol backpack for an international trip - especially a trip to Europe where you'll be moving around a lot. Functionality over fashion is my mindset (when it comes to carry on bags, at least) but I have to say, I LOVE my Danielle Carolan backpack that I got last year! It's a simple gray backpack with gold detailing and zippers with great organizational storage when it comes to compartments. BUY THE BAG HERE. 

  • Travel Wallet. This is a game changing purchase for me and an international travel essential! I'm a psycho and I need all my itineraries and flight details printed out as well as a copy of my passport so this was a great purchase. It has several different slots for papers, credit cards, coins, and even a pen holder because I never seem to have one when I need to fill out a customs form. I've linked my exact one I got from Amazon HERE (comes in tons of different colors) but I also linked several cute ones in the widget below!
  • Passport/ID - make copies of your passport too! I've linked a ton of cute passport covers in the widget below. I'd stay away from designer/flashy passport covers (with obvious prints like Louis Vuitton, etc) at the risk of being targeted to get mugged because you look like a rich American. IDK. These are the random thoughts that go through my head when shopping. 
  • Zip Coin Case Wallet -  I bring a smaller wallet than my usual every day wallet when I go on trips. This Tory Burch wallet is actually classified as a 'zip coin case' and I've found that it's the perfect size. It has a few slots for cards and a spot for cash with a pouch in the middle for coins.
  • Boarding Pass - I always try to print a boarding pass before I leave for my trip, as well as have it on my phone. 
  • Cash (local currency) - or just use your debit card at an ATM at your final destination. 
  • Credit cards - Make sure you notify your credit card/bank that you'll be out of the country to avoid any issues with your cards. 
  • Travel adapter - in case you need to charge up once you get to your destination.  
  • Not exactly a 'travel' item but I always make sure to put my purse in my carry on and any important/expensive jewelry in my carry on to avoid the risk of it getting lost in transit. 

  • Cell phone (duh) - with podcasts and Spotify playlists downloaded & ready to go. 
  • iPad - I don't bring an actual book on trips because I feel like 9 times out of 10 I never actually read it and it just ends up taking up space. Instead, I've downloaded a couple of books (feeling real ambitious) on the Kindle app most importantly: predownloaded Netflix shows.
  • Airpods/any other wireless headphones - Truly a game changer when traveling. 
  • Regular headphones for back up. These are good to have in case your Airpods die after a long day of traveling. Just don't forget the headphone jack adapter if you're bringing a set of newer Apple headphones so you're able to connect to the entertainment system on the airplane if you wanted to. 
  • Portable charger - An absolute must in day to day life but especially when traveling. 
  • All your charging cords- I keep all my cables and cords for chargers in a little pouch so they're all in one place and I know where to find them. Untangling them when I need them is another issue. 
  • Travel Journal - This is a new purchase for me and I wish I had it for my last trip! This is a really special way to document and look back on your trip. The one I got even has a space on each page to tape in random items such as travel stubs, post cards, etc. 
  • Puzzle book. Am I a total nerd who thinks logic puzzles are fun? I picked this up at Walgreens and I'll definitely bring out this bad boy on a plane or train ride. 
  • Pen/Pencil. I packed a pen in my travel wallet but I'm also bringing a pencil for my puzzle book
  • Deck of cards - this is also a good item to bring if you're traveling with a friend and know you'll have a long layover somewhere. 

  • Hand Sanitzer - I'm not kidding, I'll go through the entire tube before the end of the trip. 
  • Wet Wipes - to wipe down things such as your seat on the airplane .... yes I'm that person. 
  • Advil - because you'll probably need it after a long travel day. 
  • Mini first aid kit with Bandaids/Neosporin - primarily in case I get any blisters from any shoes or what not 
  • Daily vitamins - I've been using CareOf Vitamins for the last couple of weeks and I am OBSESSED. Your daily dose of vitamins come in an individual pack that is perfect for travel. I brought 2 packs on my carry on and the rest in my checked bag. Use my code ADXDEF for $40 off your first mont
  • Airborne tablets or Emergen-C packets - cuz no one's got time to be sick on vacation. 

  • Memory Foam Neck Pillow. I had a regular neck pillow but saw this at Marshall's for TEN DOLLARS you guys. It even has a little sleeve for your phone (lol) because, like, where do you even put it when you know you're gonna fall asleep while you're listening to music, podcast, etc.
  • Silk Sleeping Mask. There's always that one asshole who opens his window close to the end of the trip when the rest of the plane is still sleeping. I found this cute one on Amazon last year. I definitely recommend a silk material. Silk contains a natural protein and essential amino acid which is very easy and gentle on your skin.  
  • Oversized shawl/scarf - to use as a blanket.
  • Fuzzy socks - the shoes I'm wearing need no show socks so I bring fuzzy socks to keep my feet warm!
  • Sunglasses - to hide the inevitable bags under your eyes when you arrive at your final destination. 

  • Clear pouch with skincare/toiletries- a must for my skincare items on a plane so I won't be digging around a makeup bag searching for the one thing I need
  • Makeup bag - I brought a small bag with a few basic makeup items I may need in case I want to look like a human once we arrive at our destination
  • Makeup Wipes - I hate sleeping in makeup and sleeping in makeup on an airplane is no exception. 
  • Deodorant - very important on long travel days. 
  • Summer Friday's Jet Lag Mask - the holy grail mask! I love this stuff even when I'm not traveling. The mini size is perfect for travel. This mask is especially nice because you don't have to wash it off - it just absorbs into your skin as a moisturizer would. 
  • Under eye gel patches - these feel so good under the eyes and perfect to apply before you fall asleep on the plane. 
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste - 100% necessary for overnight flights. 
  • Contacts/contact solution & glasses - if you're a four eyes like me, make sure you pack your contact solution/case & glasses so you can sleep without waking up like there's sandpaper in your eyeballs. 
  • Silk scrunchie - silk is much easier on the hair than normal elastic scrunchies so it prevents damage and breakage. 
  • Tide to go pen - in case you happen to spill red wine on yourself mid flight. 
  • Lip balm - I'll take any extra hydration for my skin/lips on a flight that I can get. I've been loving the Laneige lip mask, Kopari Lip Glossy, and the Drunk Elephant Lippe Balm
  • Mini perfume - to freshen up after your flight. 
  • Oil blotting pads
  • Clinique Pep Start Eye Cream - an eye cream that hydrates, brightens and perks up your look. The opposite of my eyes after a flight without this stuff. 
  • Dr. Brant No More Baggage Depuffing Eye Gel - the name speaks for itself. 
  • Kleenex - very handy to have not only if you sneeze but also to wipe up any spillage or even use as toilet paper if the plane/airport is out (life hack). 
  • Mario Badescru facial spray - a little spritz to freshen up and look alive. The lavender is my favorite. 

  • Reusable water bottle - to avoid buying overpriced water bottles when traveling. 
  • Healthy(ish) Snacks -  I bought all my snacks at Home Goods. They surprisingly have a great section of healthier snack options and this is where I go to buy snacks for when I travel or to keep at my desk at work!
  • Mints & gum - To obviously keep your breath fresh but also.... anyone else a victim of ear popping??? The worst.

And there you have it! Do you have any big trips planned this year?


  1. Your journal is so cute!! I always have snacks lol

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

    1. thanks girl! snacks are vvvvv important lol

  2. I like how you can fit so many things in that backpack
    The Glossychic
    Wonder Cottage

  3. Yessss!!! I totally agree with all of these when traveling international!

  4. That's a lot of great stuff to travel with! Love this backpack.

  5. wow, thats a lot of stuff! Its good to be prepared for all fronts x


  6. I love everything you have packed!! I always like to be prepared.
    xx- Nina

  7. Awesome packing Love this list Hope you have a wonderful time in Spain babe xoxo Cris

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    Great to share.
    Like your blog, thank you for sharing.

  9. You fit so much into your bag! Definitely well prepared for a big trip! :) I took some similar things for our travels to Europe last month, that LV scarf was the perfect piece to wear (I have it in cobalt!)

    Hope that your week is going well and you are enjoying your time in Spain :)

    Away From Blue

    1. Thank you so much Mica!! Hope you had an amazing time in europe! xx

  10. Oh wow! That's a lot of items!!! You're such a pro on this! Will def take note cos i'll be traveling soon! :)

  11. Lovely list. You've got everything covered in here, definitely going to save this page for future references. ^^

    xx ieyra h. | beauty blog

  12. I always love seeing what's in people's travel bags and you have everything covered! Your backpack is really cute!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

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