Truth be told I didn't really start getting into makeup until about 4 years ago. Legit, all my makeup in college was from the drugstore (nothing wrong with that!) but in the past few years I started investing in some better quality cosmetics and playing around with different makeup routines. I quickly found myself having so much fun with makeup. I don't think any woman needs makeup to look beautiful but if wearing makeup makes someone feel more beautiful and empowered then more power to em.

I also want to talk a little bit about one of my new favorite things ever: this makeup case from Joligrace (c/o). I love that the case, although quite large, has so many compartments for organization. I can't tell you how much time I have wasted in the mornings digging through my other makeup bags looking for that one teeny tiny item that usually ends up in the bottom of the bag. Any extra minute in the morning I can spend in bed I will, so I don't have time to dig through what seems like a Mary Poppins bag of makeup looking for the right product. I love how I can separate the case into compartments for different categories like skincare, foundations, powders, mascara/eyeliner, etc. and then I can keep bigger, easy to find items such as makeup wipes, setting sprays, etc in the big center compartment. I also really like how sleek and chic the look of the case is.


It has the word 'salad' in its name so it's healthy right?!?! 😉
Ok, but seriously - this one of my favorite recipes I've made (and by far the easiest) and I can't stop eating it. Also, I used the Trader Joe's Organic Yellow Lentil & Brown Rice Pasta so it's definitely a healthier alternative than regular noodles. This is a perfect side to bring to any type of potluck or get together and it's so easy it's actually dumb. This dish is so light and refreshing and has the perfect hints of sweet and heat. I'll be making this again reaaaaaaal soon.