Is it weird that I truly love seeing what people have in their bags? Whether it be purses, carry on bags, suitcases, school backpacks, etc. ... LEMME SEE WHATCHU GOT INSIDE. Does this make me nosey AF? Probably. Either way, I'm sharing what I keep in my carry on bag (tote) for trips just because tomorrow I'm headed to Austin, TX to celebrate my best friend's birthday!

  • Hydroflask. Never again will I pay $6 for a bottle of water at the airport. I always make sure to bring an empty water bottle that I fill up right after I get through security. Also, Hydroflasks > S'well bottles ALWAYS.
  • iPad. Pre-loaded with stuff to watch on Netflix is a game changer. Funny story: I'm always super self conscious about what I'm watching on an airplane in fear of people behind me or next to me seeing what I'm watching and judging me because one time I bought one of the 50 Shades of Gray movies to watch on a flight and I literally did not think anything of it until I start watching and some risque scenes came on and I'm like omg. The people next to me will def see this. So I thought I'd just forward through all the inappropriate scenes aka the majority of the movie.
  • Wallet.  An every day essential! My current wallet is the Louis Vuitton Emilie Wallet with the 'rose ballerine' color on the inside. I treated myself with this wallet after working at Lollapalooza this past year! It was a splurge but I feel like a sophisticated and fancy wallet is a big girl essential. 
  • Passport. Even when I'm not traveling outside of the country I always bring my passport in case anything happens to my ID. Plus my passport holder is so damn cute whenever I get the opportunity to break it out I most definitely do.
  • Bag of chargers/headphones. A few years ago there were like 3 consecutive flights that I went on that I forgot my headphones, ugh. Worst. Flights. Ever. I always double and triple check to make sure I have my headphones. I also make sure I have all chargers to all my devices with me because I always get to my terminal HOURS earlier than needed (if you know me then you know) so my electronics are drained by the time I land at my destination. I like to keep these in a clear type of bag so I can see what charger I'm trying to get. 
  • Portable charger. I bring this bad boy with me whenever I go out, TBH. I always charge this up until the second I'm out the door for the airport. This is not only important for the flight but for the trip as well! The charger I linked is the exact one I have and it's amazing. It's quite bulky but it lasts forever and can charge itself through it's solar panel. 
  • Rose Water Face Spray. Airports always make my skin feel gross AF so I'm usually spraying this before and after a flight. I have a big size version of this spray that I keep at my desk at work (that's almost gone) and I love spraying throughout the day. I keep this travel size in my purse so I really don't go anywhere without it! Traveling is no exception. 
  • Sunglasses & Glasses. Most of my flights are early morning so a big pair of sunnies to hide my sleepy eyes are an essential. Hint: BP always has the cutest and most inexpensive sunnies for under $15! I throw my regular glasses in my carry on to free up room in my checked bag (even the littlest space makes a difference! AKA more room for more shoes 😂)
  • My "Oh Shit Kit". A little makeup pouch full of miscellaneous toiletries/items including: Tide-to-go stick, chapstick, perfume sample, lip gloss,  oil blotter pads, hair ties; tampons; hand sanitizer; pen; safety pins; fashion tape. 
  • Shooters. No shame in flight game 💁 because a weekend getaway is not complete without a mid-flight cocktail. Plus, the altitude gets you buzzed easier, which I am ALL about. Get a pop when the stewardess comes down the aisle with drinks, pour shooters as desired, bottoms up & enjoy the flight. 
  • Sanitizing Wipes. Airports and airplanes are definitely top 5 most disgusting and germiest places I can think of. The first thing I do when I get in my seat is WIPE. THAT. SHIT. DOWN. 
  • Emergen-C. Again, the germs. I feel like I always feel slightly sick after traveling. I always try and remember to drink some Emergen-C before or at the airport. There is NO time to get sick on vacation!
  • A Book. I never know if I'll be in the mood to listen to music, watch some Netflix, or read a book so I always bring a book just in case. I'm currently reading 'Better Than Before' by Gretchen Rubin (author of The Happiness Project) because I'm either reading self-help books or books about murder and serial killers - there is just no in between.
  • Snacks. Again, I'm usually at the airport hours longer than I need to be (it's honestly usually an all day thing for me 😂) so a snack is KEY. I don't want junk food or fast food when I'm traveling and any healthier options are usually not very appealing and quite pricey. For this trip I'm packing a 'Lenny & Larry's Complete Cookie' - a sweet treat with little guilt. 
  • Gum. My ears always used to pop so badly on airplanes when I was little so ever since I can remember I've been chewing gum during take off and landing. I always have gum on me in my carry on!

I either pack everything up in a backpack (obsessed with THIS Vera Bradley simple blackpack) or a large tote like my Goyard tote or my Tory Burch tote. As for airport outfits, you can find me in Zella leggings, a comfy pullover/sweater, comfortable pair of sneakers, and a hat. Wearing a hat to the airport not only hides bed head but also frees up room in your bags. Side note: I can't think of anything more horrifying than people wearing jeans to the airport.

What's your #1 necessity to pack in your carry on?



  1. I really want to hear why you prefer Hydroflask over Swell! I got a Hydroflask for Christmas, but I'm so used to my Swell and it's my go-to bottle so I haven't even tried the Hydroflask yet.

    1. I had a Swell for so long and honestly I hate the screw top bottle (I'm lazy LOL) and I love how the Hydroflasks have different and interchangeable tops that you can choose from! Like I have the 'sports cap' and there's one with a straw and a bunch of others :)

  2. I love your passport cover!! I'm not a big fan of my S'well bottle. I prefer my Bobble!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

    1. I've never heard of Bobble! I'll have to check it out :)

  3. Thanks for the interesting post!
    Have a nice day)

  4. I live by my Mario Badescu face spray! Love this post!!

    xx Nicole

  5. hey dear,i like your post, it's a so important details,Amazing write-up,thanks for sharing.....


  6. such an informative and useful post:)
    I always bring my makeup bag with me, mints do come in handy as well !
    - Marina


  7. Love how organized your travel bag is.
    Thanks for the empty bottle ideas.

  8. I enjoyed your article !
    Now I have an ipad I think it's the best to not get bored in the plane or during the wait.
    I love your sweater !

    1. Thanks girl! I totally agree- I always bring a book in case I decide I want to read but honestly I just use my iPad haha!

  9. Great idea to carry a wallet always. You look amazing!


  10. I'm so nosy too and love knowing what's in people's bags lol those cookies are the best!!


    1. haha glad I am not alone!! Just had one of those cookies at lunch, so so good!

  11. I love how prepared you are!! My bag barely has anything in it and of course I am always wishing I brought this or that! I love your oh shit kit! haha!


    1. As prepared as I may seem I always feel like I forgot something and still end up spending money at the airport - hah! Thanks Rach :)

  12. Super organized. Love everything in it including the booze haha. xoxo Cris

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