Valentine's Day is right around the corner, people!! Are you ready?! I have always loved Valentine's Day - whether I had a boyfriend or not. Growing up, my parents would get my sister and I a cute card and a small gift or some festive goodies. I'm a fan of any holiday focused around chocolate, TBH. ANYWAYS! Whether you're celebrating with your boo, having a Galentine's Day gift exchange/wine night with your bff's, or just want to TREAT YO SELF - I have a round up of the perfect gifts!

1. NARS Lip Duo: Such a pretty color duo that's perfect for the holiday!
2. Cute Coffee Mug: I always find the best mugs at Target or TJ Maxx/Homegoods! Bonus points for you if you fill it with a Starbucks gift card and her fav candy :)
3. Heart Phone Case: I could change my phone case every day if I could; this is such a simple yet thoughtful gift!
4. LOVE Bath Bomb: Because can any girl truly have enough bathbombs?
5. Gucci Bloom: You can't go wrong with a nice perfume! If you want to splurge a bit on perfume I highly recommend!! I want this perfume so bad - just waiting for a 20% off coupon from Ulta. Another good one is Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb (my go to!).
6. Heart Pajama Set: There's really nothing that says you have your life together like going to bed in a matching pajama set πŸ˜‚ I love this set!
7. 642 Things I Love About You Book: I think books like these are truly SO sweet! Fill out as many as you can and continue to keep adding to the book randomly.
8. Crown Jewelry Holder: Let your girl know she's a queen with this cute little catch all nick-knack.
9. Tory Burch Tote: I love this tote - the Goyard look for less!
10. Herbivore Rose Water: Show up for date night with some roses & rose water for a very happy girlfriend.
11. Cute Picture Frame:Fill this frame with your fav picture of you and your boo for a thoughtful gift she will love forever!
12. Morganite Stud Earrings: I. am. OBSESSED with Morganite!! These are gorgeous! HINT HINT Matt if you're reading this πŸ˜‰
13. Massage Oil: Present her with some beautiful massage oil and make a DIY spa date night in the comfort of your own home!
14. Date Night Cookbook: This is a sweet gift idea to encourage some fun stay-in date nights to cook together!
15. LOVE YOU Graphic Sweatshirt: If you know me, you know I love cute graphic sweatshirts like this!

1. 2-pak Amazon Echo Dots: A gift for both of you - that you can both enjoy! I got an Amazon Echo for Christmas and I LOVE it - I just kind of wish I had one in my bedroom as well. This 2 pack is so convenient to put in the places you are most in  your home.
2. Love Lotto Scratch Off Book: Fun & playful book full of 100 scratch off 'game' type of activities to do with your boo!
3. Monogrammed Decanter Set: Nothing says sophisticated like a monogrammed decanter set for the whiskey lovin' man.
4. Hugo Boss Watch & Pen Set: For the sophisticated businessman - so he's always on time and ready to sign a check πŸ˜‰
5. Crosley Turntable: Ok, I have a Crosley turntable and I LOVE it! It looks cute in the apartment and it's an excuse for your man to break out some of his oldies records.
6. Silk Pillowcases: I feel like low-key this is such a good gift that guys' wouldn't realized they wanted until they got it.
7. Belt: I feel like guys have one, maybe two belts max (or maybe that's must my bf??). Treat your man with a nice, sophisticated new belt. 
8. Leather Passport Holder:I think passport holders are such a great thing to have - for guys and girls! And I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess 90% of guys do not own one of these.
9.  Nice Cologne: Doubles as a gift for both of you :)
10. Polo Robe: I think a comfy robe should be a staple in everyone's home - for both men and women!
11. Memory Foam House slippers: Another must have for all guys, IMO.And they're memory foam 😍
12. Yeti Cooler: Just because I feel like every guy wants a Yeti cooler πŸ˜‚
13. Emoji Kisses Boxers: A fun and playful yet very practical gift πŸ˜‚
14.  Sexy Truth Or Dare: Spice things up in the bedroom with some sexy truth or dare.
15. Mystery Tackle Box Subscription: If your guy is a fisherman or a wanna-be fisherman, this is the PERFECT subscription box to customize to his fishing needs/location. Use code 'MTBNEW' to get your first box for $4.99!
16. Craft Beer Making Kit: Fun activity to do together!

1. Bubbletini Bath Bombs: Not only are these bath bombs but they come in a cute little martini shaker. I'm sold.
2. Inappropriate Coloring Book: Is this contradictory? Coloring is for children and this is filled with swear words .... hmm, not sure - but it's a great stress reliever gift!
3. Mantraband Cuff: The cutest little cuff with one of my fav quotes!
4. Pink Sleep Mask: Ok, this looks so fuzzy and cozy and makes me want a nap.
5. S'Well Pink Topaz Bottle: I am a converted Hydroflask gal but S'well make the cutest prints and patterns for their waterbottles, ugh. This pink is so cute and perfect for Valentine's Day!
6. Champagne Bears: These are so effing good and they make for a great gift for any occasion!
7. Ladies First Crew Socks: These are badass and I love them.
8. Year of Cozy Book: I bought this book a few months ago and I LOVE it! Not only does it look so pretty (perfect coffee table book) but it also is filled with recipes, fun crafts, activities, etc. This would be a really fun gift for a girlfriend!
9. Hot Stuff Mug: In case your gf needed a little reminder ;)
10.Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette: I can't decide what's better ... actual chocolate or makeup in the cutest chocolate bar packaging.
11. Red Knit Scarf: The perfect oversized and cozy knit scarf.
12. Happiness Journal: ON SALE FOR $2?!?!
13. Heart Graphic Sweatshirt: Again, I love graphic sweatshirts and tees. This is so cute to lounge in!
14. Heart Sunglasses:You can't go wrong with a fun pair of sunnies.
15. Alex and Ani BFF Bracelets: A gift for you and your bestie!

How are you celebrating V-Day?



  1. These are some amazing gift ideas! I don't think you missed a single option! I am getting myself a bath bomb for Valentine's, after all we singles too can celebrate Valentine's Day! :)
    Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. That sounds amazing!!! You deserve it girl!

  2. Aw, that's cute that your parents did that for you and your sister! These are great ideas.

  3. Such great picks, thanks for sharing!!
    xx- Nina

  4. These are some amazing gifts!!! Love the Year of Cozy and the slip pillowcase! Oh and also the Herbivore Rose Water. I love celebrating Galentine's Day!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

    1. Haha I know right - I want them all!! Thanks for checking it out :)

  5. Loooove these picks girl! I definitely want some sugarfina and the new Gucci fragrance from hubby this year hahah :)

    XO, Jessi

    1. Haha right!! Or if it's not gifted I mayyyy have to buy it for myself :)

  6. I don't think I´m having a Valentines this year, but I must say your gift selection is super cute!


  7. Absolutely love your picks :)

    Adi xx

  8. Gorgeous post as always. I loved it. Have a wonderful week. xoxo Cris

  9. Nice items!!
    MΓ³nica Sors

  10. that's a very comprehensive list :) love the items you have listed

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  12. Nice items!!!

  13. I cannot believe Valentine's Day is right around the corner! Do you celebrate?! I'm all for an excuse to celebrate, so we do! Care about less, care about freedom. Also, I'd add my two cents on accessories. Think about a minimalist slim wallet. Nothing ruins the lines of a suit or blazer and makes you look more like a doofus than when your pockets are crammed with stuff - a wallet, a cell phone, keys, a calculator, a calendar, pens, etc. I favor Kisetsu wallets , the classic bifold reinvented a feature-packed Premium minimalist wallet made with Full Grain Nappa Leather and RFID protection. How about you?

  14. All the Gossip Girl vibesss for the XOXO mug - I need this in my life! Love the look of the 'chill the fuck out' book too! These are some great picks Allison!

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  16. these are such good ideas! defo gonna take note for next year aha

  17. Yes to those Galentines picks. Those socks though!


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