Anyone who knows me knows that I love decorating, designing, and customizing anything and everything I possibly can. I started my new job back in January and I swear one of the most exciting parts of starting my new job was decorating my desk area. It took everything in me not to bring my box of office decor the first day (I waited until day 2, ha!) so people wouldn't think I'm totally crazy.

Here's a roundup of some must have office accessories! A lot of these items would also make for great gifts for someone who's starting a new job, got a promotion, etc :)


Happy Sunday! Today I'm sharing this sweet treat I found on Pinterest that I whipped up for Father's Day weekend. It's so good and dangerously easy to make. The perfect summer dessert!


When I was visiting my family in Kansas a few months ago something terrible (almost) happened. It wasn't until 10pm when I got home and was about to pull out my laptop that I picked up my backpack and it felt alarmingly light. My laptop was nowhere to be found. Long story short - my travel/time anxiety got the best of me and I left my laptop in one of the bins going through security at O'Hare - rookie mistake, I know. I was stressing out about this all weekend long (O'Hare Lost and Found is only open Monday through Friday, go figure) but I received a call on Monday afternoon saying my laptop has been found! This was the absolute best feeling - I never get lucky like this! I had no way to repay anyone who played a part in returning my laptop (whether it was someone who went through security after me or a TSA officer) but this inspired me to spread some good karma. I will preface this by saying I know I should find small ways to give back every single day but it's so easy to get caught up in your every day life and routine that this just slips my mind. Here are a couple of small ways I chose to pay it forward.


Happy Tuesday, friends! Father's Day is right around the corner (June 18th!) and I know thinking of a perfect gift can be a daunting task. Whether your dad is a grill master, beer drinker, fisherman, tech junkie, or a little bit of everything I've put together 25 items ranging in price that will make for the perfect gift. All dad's are different but they all have one thing in common - they are so special to us. Father's Day is our turn to spoil our dad's and let them know just how special they are! I'm posting today to give you plenty of time to submit those online orders ;)