HELLO FRIENDS! After over a year hiatus, I've decided to jump back on the blogging train. A lot has changed over a year. I follow a few blogs religiously (like, literally check them right when I get to my desk at work oops) and I have realized I miss the creative freedom and outlet.

I'll try to revamp the layout slowly but surely. Fun fact, I used to be SO into MySpace back in the day and was so good at designing my page with all these crazy and cool tricks (lol) so I'm hoping I can figure out how to get this blog all pretty.

So. A year re-capped?

  •  I have a baby! Ok, not a real baby. I rescued a kitten in September and he is the sweetest little guy ever. I was never really a cat person, but this little guy is really something else. He acts more like a dog than a cat. Literally. We play catch every morning, play hide and go seek, and he loves to cuddle and sleep with me. Crazy cat lady alert. 
  • I got a new job! After two and a half years, I felt sort of stuck at my previous job. I was not being challenged and I was not getting promoted either. One day, after a few glasses of wine, I was browsing LinkedIn and saw a job I thought I was qualified for. The next day I got an email asking to start the interview process. This process took a few weeks and I started mid-January! The new job is difficult and I have a lot more responsibility but it was a great move in my career. Quitting my job was not easy (I may or may not have cried... A few times) especially when you enjoy the people you work with but I truly believe you need to push yourself and sometimes feel uncomfortable to grow. This goes for personal and career growth.
  • I am trying to travel as much as possible. Growing up, my family traveled a good amount as both my mom and my step-dad are both from Europe. I will never forget when I was like 12 years old we did a 2 week trip across Europe to destinations such as England, Poland, France, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. Pretty cool, right? I would do ANYTHING to be able to take this trip now! And in that time, I told my mom I would rather take a trip to Wisconsin Dells or Florida just like everyone else. Oh, how that bites me in the butt today. Although I do like nice things such as jewelry and purses and I may have a shopping addition, I think traveling is so much more rewarding so I have been trying to save my money and be able to travel. In the past year I've been able to visit San Diego, Myrtle Beach, Nashville, Florida, and Portland. I've got some upcoming trips planned as well.... :) 
  • Starting to apartment hunt!!!!! I've been in my current apartment for a third year now and I am ready for a change of scenery. Although my current place is just 10 minutes (WITH traffic) from my new work location I am ready for a change of scenery. This won't be until the end of the year but it's good to get started early and continually looking to see what the market is like, what you're looking for, etc.
  • Been working on adapting a healthier lifestyle. At my old job, I was eating in the cafeteria every day. Working in the healthcare industry, I have been lucky to have actually really good cafeteria's with fresh and *pretty* healthy food but I found I was spending almost $10 a day for lunch. Ever since my new job, I have been packing my own (healthy) lunch and I have been pretty good with cooking dinners every night too. Honestly, being Pinterest obsessed comes in handy when it comes to finding new recipes to try. I'll be sure to soon post my go to recipe: Chicken Pesto Quinoa. I have also been (attempting) to work out 4 days a week and drink a S*&^ TON of water every single single day. Matt got me an Apple Watch for Christmas and I am OBSESSED.

So this is just a little spark version of what's been going on in my life. I will hopefully keep ya updated.


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