Anyone who knows me knows that I love decorating, designing, and customizing anything and everything I possibly can. I started my new job back in January and I swear one of the most exciting parts of starting my new job was decorating my desk area. It took everything in me not to bring my box of office decor the first day (I waited until day 2, ha!) so people wouldn't think I'm totally crazy.

Here's a roundup of some must have office accessories! A lot of these items would also make for great gifts for someone who's starting a new job, got a promotion, etc :)


Happy Sunday! Today I'm sharing this sweet treat I found on Pinterest that I whipped up for Father's Day weekend. It's so good and dangerously easy to make. The perfect summer dessert!


When I was visiting my family in Kansas a few months ago something terrible (almost) happened. It wasn't until 10pm when I got home and was about to pull out my laptop that I picked up my backpack and it felt alarmingly light. My laptop was nowhere to be found. Long story short - my travel/time anxiety got the best of me and I left my laptop in one of the bins going through security at O'Hare - rookie mistake, I know. I was stressing out about this all weekend long (O'Hare Lost and Found is only open Monday through Friday, go figure) but I received a call on Monday afternoon saying my laptop has been found! This was the absolute best feeling - I never get lucky like this! I had no way to repay anyone who played a part in returning my laptop (whether it was someone who went through security after me or a TSA officer) but this inspired me to spread some good karma. I will preface this by saying I know I should find small ways to give back every single day but it's so easy to get caught up in your every day life and routine that this just slips my mind. Here are a couple of small ways I chose to pay it forward.


Happy Tuesday, friends! Father's Day is right around the corner (June 18th!) and I know thinking of a perfect gift can be a daunting task. Whether your dad is a grill master, beer drinker, fisherman, tech junkie, or a little bit of everything I've put together 25 items ranging in price that will make for the perfect gift. All dad's are different but they all have one thing in common - they are so special to us. Father's Day is our turn to spoil our dad's and let them know just how special they are! I'm posting today to give you plenty of time to submit those online orders ;)


Happy Hump Day!! I hope you had an amazing holiday weekend :) I was totally thrown off yesterday thinking it was Monday and I was like, 'Oh, I have all day tomorrow to finish up my post', thinking 'tomorrow' was Tuesday but it was in fact Wednesday - oops.

Anyways, with Summer arriving it is safe to say that "wedding season" is just about here. I personally don't have any weddings to attend this summer but being the selfless human being I am (😉)  I'm sharing these picks for YOU! All of these dresses are under $100! Note - the shoes and bags may be over $100, though!


Happy Monday, friends! Hope everyone had a fun weekend :) To kick off my Monday I always try to do some relatively healthy cooking to get me through the week. My last weeks post with the zucchini noodles got some great feedback that I figured I would share another recipe with you all!
I was in the mood for some Mexican (I'm pretty much always in the mood for Mexican) so I opted for some turkey taco lettuce wraps instead of regular tacos. So easy and so good!


Happy Hump Day, friends! With the weather warming up it's feeling a lot like summer and I've had the urge to redecorate my apartment. Of course I don't have the funds to completely redecorate my place, but an easy way to change things up a bit is redecorate my little bar area! Bar carts are really popular these days (I actually have a wine cabinet) but I decided to put together a little BAR CART ESSENTIALS post for some apartment redecoration inspo. I'm also sharing 3 different bar carts ranging in price from $99 - $150.


I know every Wednesday I've been doing the Want It Wednesday posts but after a long weekend of vacation I need to focus a little more on detoxing and healthy cooking over online shopping - we had an overload of fried food this weekend.  I was really in the mood for some type of spaghetti or noodles dish and figured I would turn a hearty meal into a healthy dish instead. Check out this recipe for CROCKPOT TURKEY BOLOGNESE & ZOODLES I found on Pinterest - super easy and healthy!


Happy HUMP DAY peeps ☺  With Mother's Day right around the corner (just over a week away!) I figured I would dedicate this weeks post to some gift ideas for that #1 lady in your life. I saw a funny quote somewhere that said 'Mother's day is hard when your mom deserves an island but all you can afford is a candle' which is so hilarious and true. What can you possibly give the woman who deserves it all? I've scoured the internet for the best gifts so you wouldn't have to! Just about every item I shared is under $100!


Happy Sunday! Hope everyone had a great weekend :) Mine was super low key and relaxing since I'm going to Myrtle Beach next weekend! I was on Pinterest today and saw a recipe for Banana Bread Bites that looked so good and healthy and I just had to try it. They turned out SOOOO good and they were so easy to make - check it out!


 Happy HUMP DAY friends!!! I'm going to my parent's condo in Myrtle Beach, SC next weekend for a little weekend getaway with a few friends, which inspired me to put a little beachy twist on this weeks post. Here's a couple of items I have my eye on for the trip:


Random fact about me: About 4 years ago my family moved from the Chicago suburbs to Kansas. My initial plan to move back home after graduation while looking for a job/saving money immediately went out the window. In hindsight, this probably worked out for the better because I'm sure I probably would have still had a curfew ... (jk love ya mom!!!!). I don't really see my family too often - they come and visit me for Thanksgiving and a few other random occasions and I go visit for Christmas and a few other random occasions (like the time I lost my Kansas ID and had to fly back to Kansas and get a new one, lol good times). Basically, what I'm trying to get at is that when I go "home" to Kansas, it still feels like I'm visiting a new place because I am usually going places I've never been before. This is why I decided to do a little travel guide to Kansas city post. Here's a few of my top things to do if you're ever in Kansas City :)


Check out this weeks finds, favorites, and sales!


Happy Easter weekend my peeeeeps 😉 ! In the spirit of the holiday I'm sharing an incredibly easy and yummy treat I made for Easter. Check it out below!


Wednesday, we meet again. Check out the items I'm loving this week below! This past weekend I visited my family in Kansas City (post to come soon) and had a laptop mishap (post to come soon) so I didn't have much time for a post since last weeks WIW post but I made sure to keep filling my Nordstrom cart with items to share for this week ;)


Happy hump day friends! Putting a little bit of an Easter twist on this weeks WANT IT WEDNESDAY post. With Easter right around the corner, I've rounded up a few items to give you some outfit inspo (and some sales, dupes, and steals) with just enough time to order by next weekend. ALSO! I added a little shopping widget to the right hand side of the page (if you're viewing on a computer) or all the way at the bottom (if you're viewing on a mobile device) that is a quick, easy way to shop the items I've posted before, and a few others items I've added!


A few weeks ago I took a trip with my dad to visit some family in Portland. I was really excited when I initially found out about the trip because I'd never been there before. Immediately I turned to Pinterest (what else is new) and began searching things I wanted to do, places I wanted to see, and more importantly - food I wanted to eat ;) What was nice about this trip is we had Portland natives with us (my aunt, uncle, and cousin) that knew where exactly to take us - touristy and non touristy locations. Check out my list of 5 things to do with your 5 days in Portland!



I don't know about you, but I'm not a fan of breakfast. I really never have been. I'm never particularly hungry in the morning and on top of that having to put effort into making something sounds absolutely miserable. In college, I usually opted for a granola bar or something along those lines (if I was ever up before lunch time because lets be real...) but honestly, I don't really like eating very sweet things in the morning either. In general, I prefer a salty snack to a sweet treat any day so same (USUALLY) goes for breakfast items as well.

Anyways, I know how important breakfast is and I also know how lazy I can be in the mornings so given these two factors I've found the perfect and easy breakfast you can make on Sundays and be set for the whole week! Here is a recipe for Scrambled Egg Muffins that my mom introduced me to.


Check out these 7 items I'm currently loving:


HELLO FRIENDS! After over a year hiatus, I've decided to jump back on the blogging train. A lot has changed over a year. I follow a few blogs religiously (like, literally check them right when I get to my desk at work oops) and I have realized I miss the creative freedom and outlet.

I'll try to revamp the layout slowly but surely. Fun fact, I used to be SO into MySpace back in the day and was so good at designing my page with all these crazy and cool tricks (lol) so I'm hoping I can figure out how to get this blog all pretty.

So. A year re-capped?