happy (almost) 1 year to adult me

Have you ever heard the quote - 'nothing will ruin your twenties like thinking you should have your life together' ?

I don't think a truer thing has ever been said. In just about a month I will hit the 1 year anniversary of my big girl job - AKA 1 year since I thought my life was over. Of course I still miss college. If you don't then you probably did college wrong. I miss the ease of making plans with friends. I can't just walk out my apartment door, walk down the hallway into Kellar's apartment anymore. I truly never thought it would be so difficult to get together.
I also miss the ability to avoid responsibilities. Don't get me wrong, I (9 times out of 10... ok maybe 8 times) went to class and spent COUNTLESS hours in Papa John's computer lab studying but having the choice to be a real person was pretty damn empowering. Let's not even get started on my college job where I worked Monday through Thursday starting at 10 or 11am (whenever I happened to show up). There was no penalty in emailing my boss at 11pm the night before one of my working days telling her I wasn't feeling well when I was peer pressured to on a bender at Tini's.
Now I'm expected to show up every day... even Friday's... at 8 am... for 8 hours.. a DAY?
It was a real adjustment let me tell ya.

I guess I don't really know what I was expecting to be happening today a year ago. Clearly I knew I wouldn't be married, with kids, a house, and a sweet car. But I thought there would be something more.. I don't know.. more to feel accomplished about than sitting in a cube every day.

This is where I think to myself - Hey, I don't give myself enough credit.
I am 1 year out of college and 1 year into my professional career.
I am paying off my student loans (which I will probably be paying off until I am 40).
I am paying my own rent for an apartment that I love.
And I still am lucky enough to be able to fund some really nice vacations as well as support my shopping addiction.

For a twentysomething year old - what more could I really ask for at this point?
Mind you I wrote this post while I'm at work so I should probably go now.


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