happy (almost) 1 year to adult me

Have you ever heard the quote - 'nothing will ruin your twenties like thinking you should have your life together' ?

I don't think a truer thing has ever been said. In just about a month I will hit the 1 year anniversary of my big girl job - AKA 1 year since I thought my life was over. Of course I still miss college. If you don't then you probably did college wrong. I miss the ease of making plans with friends. I can't just walk out my apartment door, walk down the hallway into Kellar's apartment anymore. I truly never thought it would be so difficult to get together.
I also miss the ability to avoid responsibilities. Don't get me wrong, I (9 times out of 10... ok maybe 8 times) went to class and spent COUNTLESS hours in Papa John's computer lab studying but having the choice to be a real person was pretty damn empowering. Let's not even get started on my college job where I worked Monday through Thursday starting at 10 or 11am (whenever I happened to show up). There was no penalty in emailing my boss at 11pm the night before one of my working days telling her I wasn't feeling well when I was peer pressured to on a bender at Tini's.
Now I'm expected to show up every day... even Friday's... at 8 am... for 8 hours.. a DAY?
It was a real adjustment let me tell ya.

I guess I don't really know what I was expecting to be happening today a year ago. Clearly I knew I wouldn't be married, with kids, a house, and a sweet car. But I thought there would be something more.. I don't know.. more to feel accomplished about than sitting in a cube every day.

This is where I think to myself - Hey, I don't give myself enough credit.
I am 1 year out of college and 1 year into my professional career.
I am paying off my student loans (which I will probably be paying off until I am 40).
I am paying my own rent for an apartment that I love.
And I still am lucky enough to be able to fund some really nice vacations as well as support my shopping addiction.

For a twentysomething year old - what more could I really ask for at this point?
Mind you I wrote this post while I'm at work so I should probably go now.


40 things you should actually give up for lent

  1. Your "good side" for every picture you take
  2. The 6 cans of diet coke you consume a day
  3. Spending 4 hours a day at work on Pinterest (guilty)
  4. Binge drinking cheap alcohol every weekend 
  5. Texting and driving 
  6. Screenshots
  7. Stalking your ex boyfriend on social media.... He's not any less of a loser, I promise. 
  8. Toxic relationships in your life... cut that crap out
  9. #MCM your boyfriend every week... Monday's are bad enough as it is. We get it.
  10. Similarly... #WCW your lesbian celeb crush every week. you're beautiful the way you are, girl.
  11. Hashtags in general
  12. Straightening your hair every day
  13. Chipotle.. but that would be so hard
  14. Live Tweeting during The Bachelor... your followers will thank you
  15. The word bae 
  16. Taking selfies
  17. Avoiding eye contact
  18. Trying to 'Keep Up With The Jones''. Focus on yourself.
  19. Netflix (horrifying thought)
  20. Calling your friends "squad", "squaaaaa", or anything even remotely similar
  21. Talking badly of others. Contrary to popular belief, this will not make you feel better about yourself
  22. Online shopping... I can't even
  23. The phrase "I can't even"
  24. Buzzfeed Quizzes
  25. Saying "my diet starts tomorrow". Start now or forever hold your peace. 
  26. Rolling your eyes
  27. Not calling your parents every day
  28. "the skinny arm"
  29. 100+ second Snapchat stories
  30. Checking your phone when you're out to eat
  31. Instagramming your every meal (please refer to #30)
  32. Excessively salting your food
  33. Being too stubborn to apologize first
  34. Emoji's.... just to see what it's like
  35. Treating "EliteDaily" as a self help psychiatrist
  36. Eating out more than once a week... maybe you could actually try one of the thousand recipe's you've pinned 
  37. Flipping people off when you're driving
  38. Taking out your hangryness on others
  39. Texting instead of calling
  40. Eating when you're bored

I saw this quote posted on Instagram by one of the contestants on The Bachelor (guilty of stalking all top contestants) and it immediately stuck with me.

I don't know if I'm alone in thinking this but ever since I've entered the "real world" I've found that I've been comparing myself to other people I know. Who has the better job. Who's been having more fun post grad. Who's been traveling to cooler places. Who got the promotion. 

Thinking like this can drive you insane. Her success is not your failure. If you're constantly comparing yourself to others you will miss out on your personal strengths. 

Keep this in mind next time you hear of a friend accepting a new position in LA, or your other friend who was able to buy herself a brand new car. Congratulate them on their accomplishments while focusing on yours as well.

Food for thought.


So I've created a blog. Now what? I'm not really sure what sparked my sudden desire of wanting to start a blog. It might be my quarter life, post college crisis/depression. It might be the mere boredom of sitting in my cubicle every day for 8 hours (a girl can only be on Pinterest for so long). It might even be that I've found my new calling to be a professional blogger... LOL jk, I won't get too carried away. But seriously, I used to write for The Odyssey (Greek newspaper at school) and I miss that also so ~voila.

Either way, this is my blog.
Enjoy. Or don't :)